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Celebrity Tools

Celebrity tools

Celebrity tools with Avoid amplification, dodge misinformation, spread knowledge. 

Avoid amplification
Audiences receive information from a variety of sources, including the influencers they follow. But influencers can be targeted by those trying to spread misinformation to amplify their false stories. Australian and New Zealand influencers aren\’t immune, so we\’ve developed this guide to help you protect your voice.

Dodge Misinformation
Social media celebrities can inadvertently be used as a powerful vector to promote false information and conspiracy theories. Misinformation and misinformation related to the Covid-19 pandemic, wildfires, 5G, and other conspiracy theories have proliferated around the world.

Spread Knowledge
Anyone with a platform has a voice. And anyone with a voice has the power to influence. The lessons from this toolkit and the conversations from First Draft\’s seven-day social media campaign will help all of us play a role in cleaning up our information environment.

Author: Lom