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ChatBot And Marketing Course

The digital economy is made up of a series of factors in which artificial intelligence information technologies are changing definitively in the economic dynamics, and that, as a natural consequence, have modified the forms of participation of people in those same activities, the real impact of the digital economy is extremely uneven in the regions of the planet, although it has already reached almost all areas of human activity, and it is very clear that it not only modifies productive life, but all social coexistence.

Among the technological modalities that have the greatest influence are electronic commerce and banking, digital government services, information consumption, the birth of new multimedia, software and entertainment digital goods and services, when we approach issues related to computing and the Internet, we must necessarily address different aspects, such as infrastructure, the use given to the network, penetration in the various segments of the population, the legal framework, among others, advertising and marketing, in addition to being, in themselves, very relevant activities in the economy, are, perhaps, among those that have been most modified by the effect of information technologies, their digital versions have grown considerably in recent years and that is why we must focus on their analysis,we offer a master class that includes everything you need to automate using a chatbot.

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