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Lesson 4 : How To Make Sure Your ChatBot Marketing Is Up To Snuff

  1. Promote yourself as the leader – You should start to promote and brand yourself as the leader, making other persons aware that you are a leader would add value to other people’s lives and business, you could achieve this by teaching other people the steps to success and letting them follow your moves, you do it by providing more details without expecting that you will get something in return.
  2. The market – You have to learn the proper way to market your products or services online properly, this step is really a difficult one as other people prefer to do it, the main aim of your efforts for the promotion of your products or services is to generate web traffic to the website, there are lots of ways to do products or services marketing on the web, these include the strategies like social media, list building, content marketing and many more.
  3. Build relationships – When your efforts on ChatBot marketing drive web traffic to your website, you should get the contact information of the persons who visited your website, most people will provide you their full name with their email addresses as an exchange of the useful details they need, your objective is to make a list of your contacts with an aim to build strong relationships with them, you could develop these by sending an email series to educate them, train all your customers about the steps they need to take so that they will achieve success in ChatBot promotion, these people will accept and trust you, always remember that people tend to build a relationship and communicate with those people they know and they are not usually fond of business opportunities. On the other hand, once they accept you and treat you as their leader or friend, they will become more responsive to your opportunity, in this situation, you have to mention your business and that you are involved with the business opportunity you want to share to them.
  1. Provide easy to duplicate system – To achieve success in this form of promotion, you have to make sure that the whole ChatBot you built will be successful, if you found that your team is successful, their success is considered as your success, the simplest means to make sure that your team achieves success is to give a simple to duplicate promotion system where anyone could plug into and obtain some success as easily as possible, the success that you can feel in the initial phases is crucial so that you can maintain good people within your team, obtaining success and earning sufficient income using the opportunities offered by ChatBot marketing will take more time before you can get these benefits, most of the distributors lose their determination and they tend to give up before their goals start to happen.
  2. Present your business opportunity – In this stage, your goal is to bear determination to learn and know more about your opportunity and wait for them to call you, if you learned that you already have all of these, it means that the efforts you exerted are helpful.
Samm Joe
Author: Samm Joe