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Lesson 5 : How To Measure The Success Of Your Chatbot Marketing Strategy

In Today\’s Economy, It\’s More Important Than Ever To Have A Solid Marketing Strategy, for Small Businesses, this can be the difference between staying afloat and going under, I should know  My Business Was On The Verge Of Bankruptcy until I Implemented Some Killer Marketing Strategies, in This Article, I\’ll share with you the three strategies that saved my business and helped me achieve success.

A) This massive volume of data will become a problem due to the fact that most of these are fairly unimportant. the worst here is that the website appears like something that provides unrealistic information, the most difficult challenge for online marketers who use social media is that they need to effectively sort the massive data available.

B) Usually, the social ChatBot marketers are enticed to use the easy-to- track tools to measure the level of success of their team, these include the number of their followers, subscribers, blog posts, fans and many more, you are not allowed to give more attention to any of these and other absurd metrics.

C) Here are the 8 metrics that will help you in measuring the level of success you achieved,  metrics to Measure Success in ChatBot Marketing, these are all the metrics that you can use to know whether you got something from all your efforts and struggle to achieve success in ChatBot marketing or not, feel free to use any of these to know if you need to exert more or if you are too far from your goals as a ChatBot marketer.

Discover the Best Social Media Marketing Strategies From the World’s Top Experts or you may also use the data from Google Analytics to justify the content’s quality, when there is a new post on your website, you have to check the page views count, the time and the overall pages to measure your level of success, When these measures go up, you can say that you are progressing, the content’s quality is high and people visited your website to get data.


  • Conversation rate – There are several companies and brand names that are proud of the number of their followers on social media, websites such as Twitter and Facebook, they tend to do it without providing a specific and tailored measure that proves that they gained success, social media, compared to television, will provide you with real time comments which will let you know if your followers are interested in your activities, the simplest way of measuring the degree where the post resonates with the target clients is to find out the total count of replies and comments provided in each post, this is referred to as conversion rate, yours will be high if you really understand your audience and your brand is well-defined, there is no way to manipulate this success metric because this will force you to do what is right.
  • Referring traffic – Your own website acts as the internet base where your accounts on various social media websites direct web traffic as well as potential customers, in the same way as traditional marketing, you will find a social ChatBot marketing mix and it should consider the significance of the different satellite accounts such as LinkedIn, Reddit, Facebook and Twitter, evaluating the web traffic flow that goes to your own website coming from your own satellite accounts would assist you in understanding what social media points will be the most important ones, referral traffic is website traffic that comes to your site from a variety of sources, including affiliates, links, content partners, and direct purchase traffic from media or news coverage, remember, any site that sends traffic to one or more of your competitors, but not to you, represents a new potential partnership opportunity.
  • Total reach – Estimating your own total ChatBot has a very significant role as it will assist you in determining whether you added value within the social media world or not, at the most primary level, the bigger reach would be important to lift the probable content spread.
  • Amplification rate – The main benefit of the social media in promoting the products or services of your business is the secondary ChatBot aside from the ChatBot you own, the amplification rate you own would be the rate where your followers will share the content you own with their own websites, it basic when it comes to measuring the level of success in the industry of ChatBot marketing, this will be helpful in finding the exact number of the shares made on Tumblr and Facebook and the number of shares will be used on the blog posts you own and in the videos you have on YouTube.
  • Rate of Applause – The rising standing ovation after a speech would be a sign that your job is well done, you could get this and you could also measure it to know how successful you are, the rate of conversion and share would aid you in measuring the content quality, applause Rate is the number of approval actions (e.g., likes, favorites) a post receives relative to your total number of followers., when a follower likes or favourites one of your posts, she\’s acknowledging that it\’s valuable to her.

  • Conversion share – A person who made this over the initial year in the marketing class is aware about the market share, the conversion share seems to be the evolution of this meticulous concept, it estimates the total count of the conversations regarding your brand, you have to compare it with the conversations regarding your competitors, when you see that there is a conversion rate loss, you have to solve the problem.
  • Sentiment – This is also a great tool that you can use to measure the level of success you reached in ChatBot marketing. Social media depends more on the sentiments of the audience, to measure the sentiment accurately, you should do it manually, this is the labor intensive process which includes the sorting process over the posts, it also involves determining if the feedback obtained is negative or positive, you should maintain an average positive score and the progress of the positive sentiment must exceed the negative sentiment progress.
  • Economic value – Most businesses and trademarks use the social media with an aim to generate sales, leads and profits, there is the need to calculate the efforts you exerted if you aim to achieve your goals, all past metrics have important roles but none of them would be important in the same way as this metric, you can use this to convince the executives of the company to pursue investing in the social media promotion, you can begin by simply tracking the total count of the conversions obtained by the online users who were directed to your website by the links provided in the blogs and social ChatBots, the conversion could be defined in several ways, on the other hand, you have to track the total of the referred websites which became your new clients, likewise, the economic value over the social media does not come from the sales only, but is also obtained from the cost savings using the reduced call center use, improved customer relationship implementation as well as simpler dispute resolution, all of these are required to be calculated.
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