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Lesson 6 : Dos and don’ts for successful chatbot marketing

If you’re thinking about using ChatBots for your marketing, here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind, first, do your research and make sure you understand how ChatBots work, second, be clear about what you want your ChatBot to do for your business, third, test your ChatBot thoroughly before you launch it. Fourth, be prepared to adjust and improve your ChatBot as you go.

1.1 Dos

  • Make sure that you know the regulations as well as the legislations applicable on internet marketing. You need to comply with them.
  • Make a comprehensive research about the ChatBots where you would like to join. Find out and understand the persons who are members of your target ChatBots and the marketing messages that they accept.
  • Develop the metrics that will let you track and evaluate the amount of gains you get from your marketing campaigns.

1.2 Don’ts

  • Make assumptions regarding the people or business of your targeted ChatBots. Marketing messages which are effective are the ones where you should focus your attention more.
  • Send your fellow internet users with spam messages. In online ChatBots, the quality should be more favorable instead of the quantity.
  • Sell or pass on the personal details pertaining to the persons or businesses from your target marketing ChatBot without asking their permission.
Samm Joe
Author: Samm Joe