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Lesson 7 : The Killer Marketing Strategies that Saved my Business

If you have a plan to launch your marketing campaign and you need assistance in developing your techniques, you have to learn the best strategies used in ChatBot marketing, these strategies are the following:

The interaction in social networks of the bot, the possibility of having a mobile application and the interaction on your website, in addition, the matrix compliance with the following premises, that is, the cross control of:


  • Content quality is the ultimate key to achieve success, you have to share informative articles, original photos, polls and games, some updates must be something about the products and services you offer, on the other hand, all things that you want to share should appear as an advertisement, provide content where your target customers are interested in, this may include the blog articles as well as web pages associated to the products or services you offer, you should avoid sharing the links that are also involved in the competition.
  • Update the social ChatBot accounts you have regularly. Refrain from sharing too many information but you should try to share at least 4 updates every week. You could share additional shares when you notice the most subscribers are fond of using the social media websites for longer hours. When possible, you should posts the updates when the subscribers are online.
  • Look for the best means to encourage your subscribers to join the campaign, try to organize the contents and provide three products as gifts to your customers who share their photos when they use your products, it is the best way to get in touch with more audience as their friends would have the access to the shared photos.
  • If you are in need of more persons to subscribe, you may consider incentive offerings., for example, you may offer an instant discount to a subscriber or you can use the social media websites to disseminate the details pertaining to the discounts, there is no reason for you to invest more in this campaign but the small incentives like free sample and 50% savings would make a bigger difference in almost everything, if you do not have enough resources to provide samples or discounts to your customers, you may conduct a contest and ask them to connect to you using the social media.
  • Measure the success you are getting by keeping a track of the total number of the customers who follow the links you shared on social media websites, also, make a separate record of the people who redeemed the coupons you posted online, the conversion ratio has a very important role in the total number of subscribers your website has, though the total of the subscribers is important to generate higher sales outputs, quality is the main priority and the volume will become a problem when you share the content that is extremely appreciated by the audience.
  • Make an online search to know more regarding social ChatBot marketing and then participate in some social ChatBots so that you can familiarize yourself to various functions of these websites, monitor the results and find out the total time frame you need to spend on the social ChatBot promotion campaign to know how interested your target audience is.
Samm Joe
Author: Samm Joe